One Sheep, Two Sheep, Three Sheep, No Sleep?

Sleep Tips for Children with Autism
Top 3 Sleeping Tips for Children with Autism The causes of your child’s disruptive night-time sleep can be varied. They may have difficulty completing the bedtime routine or may want a parent present to fall asleep. Perhaps your child does not stay asleep, wets the bed, or rises too early and struggles to stay in their bed until an appropriate wake-up time. At Steinberg Behavior Solutions our experience has shown us the reasons for their fragmented sleep are as diverse as the children themselve...

Bedtime struggles solved

Even if the time of bedtime changes in the summer, stick to the same familiar bedtime routine.  This will provide consistency and familiarity to your child and help your child relax and get ready to fall asleep. A consistent bedtime routine, throughout the school year and into the summer, "conditions" your child to when it is time to be quiet and relax (story or song), when it is time to get in bed, and when parents will leave the room and your child must self-soothe and fall asleep. Even ...