Social Skills

SOCIAL INTERACTION is a core feature of human nature. For children that do not learn these social skills incidentally in the course of development, they need to be taught. Regardless of any diagnosis or not, if your child is struggling to make friends and maintain relationships, social skills teaching can help.

Sarah Steinberg will conduct a social skills assessment by talking with parents and/or teachers and directly observing your child in a social setting, as part of your child’s comprehensive ABA program. Social skills are taught in the natural environment as much as possible to ensure generalization. Video modeling, theory of mind texts, and role-play scenarios are some methods used in the teaching of social skills. Social interaction peer dyads are formed with siblings and peers when appropriate. Social skills training dramatically improves sibling and peer relationships. With increased success in making friends and maintain relationships, your child will develop greater self-esteem and look forward to social activities.

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