Sleep Consultations

SARAH STEINBERG will teach you how to help your child (and YOU!) get a good night’s sleep. After medical issues have been ruled out, Sarah will meet with you to discuss the challenging night time behavior patterns that are occurring. Healthy sleep habits are critical to healthy development. Inadequate sleep has been shown to be correlated with behavioral and attention difficulties in school and childhood obesity. It is developmentally essential that children learn healthy sleep habits for healthy development.

Following the initial parent meeting, Sarah will write a behavior plan identifying the function(s) of your child’s night time behaviors and provide you with strategies to meet your child’s needs in an appropriate way that encourages healthy sleep habits, as part of your child’s comprehensive ABA program. The behavior plan results in the final goal of your child getting a good night’s sleep in his/her bed. Charts and positive reinforcers will give your child a sense of pride and accomplishment every step of the way.

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