You are so special to us, Sarah, and will always have a place in our hearts. You did so much for Spencer. With your love, devotion, talent, determination and patience, you saw her through the most difficult times. We owe you so much. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for caring, truly caring, about my child and for being the most loving and wonderful person. I don’t know how we got so lucky, but the day you walked through our door, was the day everything changed.
-Jill Harte

You ladies at Steinberg Behavior Solutions make our days brighter and brighter!  We can’t thank you enough for helping our wonderful, incredible and precious son!

Sarah, I cant thank you enough! You and the therapist have helped my son so much in school and we are all so grateful! After five years of trying everything, your method is the only thing that has worked. I actually enjoy him now & do not get anxiety picking him up from school!

Sarah started working with a student in our school who had selective mutism. The child did not speak for two and a half years in our school. We tried different approaches and they didn’t work. We heard about Sarah and called her immediately. After the first day that Sarah worked with the child, the child started to say sounds. Within the first week, the child said many words to Sarah and in the second week, the child started saying words to the teacher. Sarah set goals and in her gentle manner was very effective with this child. We couldn’t believe the change that took place. Thank you Sarah for making a huge difference in this child’s life
–Lakey Silber, Early Childhood Director, Cheder Lubavitch Hebrew Day School

Sarah is working with a student in our school. She met with the teachers, parents and the director of the school and set goals for the child. She collaborates and is in touch with us on a constant basis to make sure that we are all comfortable with the progress and that the goals are attainable. When the benchmarks have been achieved, there are new goals put into place for the child to grow and develop even further. Sarah has a deep understanding of child development and it is a pleasure to work with her nurturing personality on a weekly basis.
– Lakey Silber, Early Childhood Director, Cheder Lubavitch Hebrew Day School

Numerous therapists were involved with my child. The situation with his schooling was stressful, frustrating, and seemed doomed for failure. Then, Sarah stepped in and juggled between school director, teacher, aid, and parents. With her sensitivity, patience and professionalism Sarah was able to impress and satisfy all the involved parties. Most importantly Sarah transformed a classroom environment that was too overwhelming for my child, into an environment where my child feels happy, secure and is Thank G-d making significant progress. Sarah accurately assessed my child’s needs and coached a thoroughly thought out system including charts, visual aids and personal modeling to ensure my child’s success. Sarah continues to patiently and reassuringly answer questions, coach, and ensure that all parties involved are happy. All this is done with a unique blend of professionalism and genuine care. At moments of frustration and discouragement, Sarah imbued optimism and belief. Sarah was able to translate her optimism and belief into concrete results that showed progress and growth. Sarah provided comfort, support and tools for success. We will always be grateful to Sarah.
– A.Y. Chicago

Sarah Steinberg is a big part of why my son is able to succeed in school today. Sarah began working with my son when he was having separation anxiety at preschool (which came on suddenly mid- school year). Through encouragement, patience and practical advice, Sarah helped our family, and my son’s teachers, through a difficult time. She was able to pinpoint exactly what the issues were and how to resolve them. She truly understood our son and how to get through to him in the most positive, gentle way. Sarah put a custom plan into place for him, and we immediately started seeing positive changes in his behavior at school. We feel very lucky to have found such a wonderful therapist!
– Rachael, Chicago

Sarah is a talented and intuitive therapist, educator and coach! My daughter absolutely refused to let me leave her side in school. Sarah gave me a structured outline on the steps to take in order to gradually transition her into a school day without mommy. Throughout the process, Sarah helped me mold the structure to fit my daughter’s constantly changing needs while giving me the confidence and encouragement I needed to trust my own intuition to know when it was time to take the next step. The results were precisely as Sarah had predicted each step of the way and one week later, my daughter looked up at me with a big smile when I dropped her off and yelled “BYE!””
– Gail, Chicago

It has been almost two months since my four year old son has been potty trained. It was an extremely emotional and exhausting process, and my son had a very strong fear of using the potty. Even though people kept assuring me it would happen I did not know how we would get there. I had tried EVERYTHING I could think of. When I finally met with Sarah, she helped me break down the process into many small steps, so that my son could have success and therefore slowly ease his anxiety. The process she suggested was very clear and easy to follow, for both myself and my son. After following Sarah’s advice for a short period of time, we had the greatest success of all- no more diapers!!! What an amazing feeling to see my son accomplish and overcome his fear. Sarah really helped me approach the situation from a different angle, from another point of view that I couldn’t have come to on my own. One of the best things I have ever done for my child was to seek out Sarah’s guidance.
– Rachael, Chicago

I tried for 2 years to fully potty train my special needs son. We were half way there, but I couldn’t make the jump to underwear. Sarah met with me and after understanding my son and where we were, she came up with a behavioral potty plan. After two weeks, we were wearing underwear everyday with only occasional accidents. I should have called her a long time ago!”
– Kim, Brookfield

Sarah was able to pinpoint exactly what the issues were and how to resolve them. She truly understood our son and how to get through to him in the most positive, gentle way. Sarah put a custom plan into place for him, and we immediately started seeing positive changes in his behavior.
– Rachael, Chicago

Sarah started working with my son two months ago. Since the beginning, she impressed me with her professionalism. Her first contact with me included a plan for my son’s therapy. I liked that very much. I thought to myself that this lady knew what she was doing. In addition to that, till this minute, she keeps me updated about her assessment for my son, her goals and shows great care to help with his therapy. She is also very organized. I could not believe the binder she prepared to use with my son. When I discuss information with her regarding autism, she proves to be very knowledgeable. My son and I enjoy working with her.
– Linda, Bridgeview

What our blog readers are saying…”Just a short note: Sending you a long overdue “Thank You”. Your information is very helpful.” – Reader Reply to blog post Autism Survival Guide

I am grateful for all of you and I feel so blessed. You’re a team of people who really love my son and do all they can to help him and educate us. I get excited to see what will be next for my son.