A New Year and a New Beginning

Well hello, my fine followers.

Your friendly neighborhood Autistic here, giving you an insider’s Point of View of Life, the Universe, and Everything In Between. I took a bit of time off to do some reflecting and searching, but I’m back to guide a new generation like me and help them through the trials, tribulations, and tests that come with either having Autism, having a child with Autism, or just wondering why we’re so good at puzzles! So, in spirit with the coming New Year, my return to the fray is a very simple one.

Ideas for New Years Resolutions!

Now a common theme of resolutions is to come up with a set of goals that you or your loved one is eager to try and accomplish over the next 52 weeks. It can be anything from something simple like setting the table more or buying that new movie to something a little bolder like climbing that mountain or asking sweet Kelly Jean from the house with the pink trim out to see the new Arnold Schwarzenegger movie! But the main thing is not to beat yourself up too badly if, somehow, your resolution should fall by the wayside. You’re not a failure just because your resolution to become a boxing heavyweight champion didn’t come to be. Resolutions are just goals we make in an attempt, not things set in stone!

If you’re really one of those people who insists on setting only resolutions that they can 100% master, take my advice and set up some easy ones. Resolve to be nicer to your family and friends, give a little more to charity, try one new dish that you’ve never had before. Something that you KNOW you can accomplish. If you REALLY want to challenge yourself to do something extreme, like rock-climbing or bungee-jumping or some other extreme sport, I’d recommend exercise and a physical before anything like that. You DON’T want to spend the majority of the new year recovering from a broken humerus, which is FAR from humorous!

Altogether, New Years Resolutions are meant to be FUN. Just a fun way of ringing in the new year! It’s not a Commandment, it’s not a law, it’s just a HOPE. If you’re able to fulfill that hope, that’s WONDERFUL, you’ve bettered yourself in ways you never imagined. If you’re not, you’re STILL a good person. All that should matter is how YOU feel throughout the year!

Til’ next time, this is Joshua the Autistic saying “Keep on keepin’ on!”

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