Steinberg Behavior Solutions, Inc. is an in-network provider with:

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois PPO and HMO Magellan
Aetna PPO
United Behavioral Health

If your insurance carrier is not listed above, please contact Steinberg Behavior Solutions, Inc. and inquire about the possibility of becoming in-network or getting a letter of agreement or single-case agreement to be treated as in-network.

Steinberg Behavior Solutions, Inc. works with a leading medical reimbursement company, to submit all claims. They has contacts with every insurance company, pre-form letters for exceptions, etc., and years of experience challenging denials. They will be your personal advocate to get you the maximum possible insurance benefits. The company takes care of the families of Steinberg Behavior Solutions, Inc. every step of the way – from calling to verify eligibility and benefits, to following up on claim status, to challenging denials.


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