Feeding Therapy

FeedingIS YOUR CHILD A PICKY EATER? Is your child a VERY picky eater? Has your child always been resistant to trying new foods and now eats the same few foods day after day?

Aversions to new tastes and textures is most often caused by sensory integration deficits and may be correlated with anxiety. The most effective treatment approach to sensory integration deficits and anxiety is systematic desensitization. This behavioral approach understands your child’s “fears” and aversions to new foods and gradually “desensitizes” your child to new foods with positive reinforcement every step of the way.

Sarah Steinberg will begin by gathering a detailed history of your child’s food aversions and sensitivities and conduct a comprehensive feeding evaluation. She will then develop a systematic desensitization shaping procedure specific to your child’s needs, as part of your child’s comprehensive ABA program. Reinforcement charts, menus, and weekly calendars are created to motivate your child and give him/her a sense of pride in this accomplishment.

Significant food selectively not only affects nutritional health, but interferes with social interactions as well. Your child may feel isolated in the cafeteria at school when he/she is not eating what the other peers are eating. At social events such as birthday parties, your child may feel left out when all the kids are eating pizza and cake and he/she takes out the cookie you sent in a Ziploc bag because you know that is the only cookie your child will eat.

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