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One of our highly qualified therapists evaluates children with Autism and other developmental disabilities using evidence based assessments such as VB-MAPP, ABLLS-R, AFLS, EFLS. She then creates an individualized treatment plan that targets the child’s skill deficits. The methodology used by Steinberg Behavior Solutions, Inc. is based on years of research proving the effectiveness of ABA therapy programs for children with Autism and other developmental disabilities.

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Within each skill set taught, subcomponent prerequisite skills are broken down and taught to mastery. Each skill taught builds on the prior skill learned.

Skill sets include:

*Receptive/Expressive Language
*Fine/Gross Motor Skills
*Visual Performance
*Academic Skills
*Play and Social Skills

Generalization across stimuli, people, and settings is systematically programmed into the treatment session. Maintenance of mastered skills is ensured through review and generalization. Sarah Steinberg, the behavior analyst, and a team of highly skilled behavior therapists will work directly with your child to teach each skill, one step at a time. Sarah Steinberg will work directly with your child once a week for two hours. Additional therapy hours will be provided by behavior therapists in your home, at your child’s school, and in the community.

Team meetings will be conducted with your child’s dedicated team of therapists to ensure consistency across team members. Sarah Steinberg will evaluate the data to ensure reliability across therapists and make any necessary program modifications based on your child’s progress. Parents are strongly encouraged to attend these team meetings. At these team meetings, parents will receive an update on the child’s progress in each of the individual ABA therapy programs, and practical ways to generalize skills learned to the natural environment outside of the treatment sessions.

Behavioral concerns will also be addressed at the team meeting and modifications to the behavior plan will be implemented. To ensure consistency for the child, it is critical that the parent and other caregivers understand the behavior plan in place. These are the tools the parents need to help their child through challenging situations. In addition, it is critical that all adults respond to the child’s behavior, both appropriate and inappropriate, in a consistent way. This will ensure steady progress across all settings, and not an increase in the inappropriate behavior in some settings with some people.

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