The social skills building play date

Does your special needs child have difficulty making and playing with friends? Are you looking for ways to encourage social interactions between your special needs child and other children? Have you often asked yourself whether other children would want to play with your child? Or whether your child will play appropriately and be liked? Organizing a play date for your child may help to encourage social skills in a natural setting where you can model and prompt developmental social skills in a fa...

Teaching Social Skills to a child with Autism to avoid Bullying

          For a child with Autism, social interaction skills are difficult. Most importantly, a child with Autism may have difficulty forming healthy relationships with peers, displaying socially acceptable behaviors and are often perceived as strange and thus isolated. This isolation and vulnerability because of a need to belong, often places children with Autism in a situation where they are more susceptible to bullying. Teaching a child with Autism ...

5 Tips for a Social Summer

Group of happy children lying on green grass outdoors in spring park
Summer is a great time to work on social skills for children with autism, as they relax and play with friends. Whether at camp, play dates or during neighborhood fun, summer is full of opportunities for socialization with peers. Following are a few ways to capitalize on those natural environment "teachable moments" to help your child strengthen social interaction skills. 1. Focus on Eye Contact. A good way to teach eye contact is to model the appropriate greeting or request and prompt your chil...