One Step Ahead Technology

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Here at SBS we try to stay updated in the latest technology that ABA has to offer. In August of 2015 SBS decided to go paperless and upon joining the SBS team, therapists are given tablets to help gain access to our data collection service, ABPathfinder. With ABPathfinder therapists are able to input data for the BCBA’s to look at and change targets according to each child's needs. However, beginning in June of this year our data collection will change from ABPathfinder to Catalyst, an ABA da...

My Client Who Found Her Voice

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When a child with autism finds his or her voice, it's nearly as exciting for therapists as it is for that child's parents. When that voice is actually a magnificent singing voice, the feat is even sweeter. I recently saw a video on the Autism Speaks Facebook page of Spencer Harte, a young woman with such a story, and my jaw dropped. This is MY Spencer Harte. I worked with Spencer in her home doing 1:1 ABA therapy almost every day for a few years. Spencer meant so much to me that she (and h...

5 Ways to Relate to an Autistic Person

5 ways relate
Autism is so prevalent that most of us know an autistic person, or at the very least, we know something about autism spectrum disorder. That doesn’t mean we always know what to say or how to react when we encounter an autistic person. In honor of Autism Awareness Month, we’ve put together a list of ways to relate to an autistic person. There are no rules that apply to everyone, of course, but there are ways that we can all be better prepared to meet the needs of autistic people and families a...

Reducing Problem Behaviors and Increasing Productivity

It's not uncommon in therapy when we teach new skills to kids with autism that we encounter problem behaviors such as: escape, aggression and attention seeking. A student may throw items to escape, hit or scream to gain attention. Escape, attention and aggression are behaviors that can be a response to the tasks that the child are asked to perform, whether they are too difficult or too easy, and maybe not motivating enough. And while these behaviors are perfectly common and even to be expecte...