Behavior Plans & Parent Coaching

Through both parent interview and direct observation, Sarah Steinberg will conduct a functional assessment of the undesired behavior(s). From this assessment, she will gain an understanding of the communicative function of the behavior; what your child is trying to communicate through this behavior. There are four primary functions of behavior:

*Sensory: Behavior done to provide sensory input to the child.
*Escape/Avoidance: Behavior done to escape or avoid an undesired task.
*Attention: Behavior done to gain attention from others.
*Tangible: Behavior done to gain a tangible object.

Sarah Steinberg will then write a behavior plan detailing appropriate replacement behaviors for each undesired behavior, as well as teaching and reinforcement procedures, as part of your child’s comprehensive ABA program. Sarah provides direct modeling and parent coaching to teach parents, teachers, and caregivers how to consistently implement the behavior plan at home and in the community. Through understanding the communicative function of the behavior, Sarah will help you understand your child and give you the strategies to teach your child to communicate his/her needs in a more appropriate way.

Contact Steinberg Behavior Solutions, Inc. today to regain control in your home. Sarah will set up a Chicago area in home consultation.

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